Four Types of Shoes Bring Harm to the Health of Women

Fashionable and beautiful shoes are the essential charm of a female. However, they do not realize that they are at a risk of bad health, which is caused by the shoes.

High heeled shoes

After wearing high heeled shoes, women will increase the force on the toes and square their shoulders in order to maintain a balance, which will cause the strain of waist and hip muscles. Besides, high heeled shoes also make the center of gravity of the body move forward, accelerating the degeneration of joints.

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The heel, toe and leg will form a three-point which make people walk easily and smoothly. But when you wear heavy-bottomed platform shoes, your normal center of gravity will be changed, which will affect the development of bones and joints of young girls. In addition, it can cause chronic strain and a loss of calcium.

Pointed shoes

The toe of pointed shoes is narrow and flat. Therefore, the shoes may press against blisters on the toes. And the long-term wearing will lead to foot fibers, thickening fat and even serious distortion, especially for women under the age of 23.

Thin flat shoes

Wearing the flat shoes occasionally will help to relax the muscles, but if the soles of the shoes are too thin, it will put your centre of gravity backward. Besides, they will also will increase the risk of suffering from plantar fasciitis which will cause pain in the heel. Therefore, do not wear flat shoes for a long time, especially not the same pair of shoes for several days.

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