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Analysts estimate that click fraud is about between 20-30 percent of the pay per click industry. It is a huge problem and Google has become stricter on this issue. Google was forced to pay refunds to their advertisers in many cases for that reason. So, although the most profound reason for termination of your Adsense account is clicking your website’s ads, there are other reasons for Google to terminate your account, you should be aware of. din-nye-bolig

Do not hide text in your web pages. The trick is old but still many use it. Using small text filled with keywords at the same colour of the background will not help. Google not only will terminate your Adsense account but also ban your website in the free regular listings. t-r-e-n-d

Do you use page cloaking? You should reconsider. This tactic is about a script which redirects the webpage your link supposed to follow to another webpage. Extremely dangerous for Adsense strategies, they lead to termination finally and furthermore they will not list your website in regular listings also.

Link Farms. This is an extremely dangerous tactic which is useless at the same time. Google’s algorithms are so advanced that can detect immediately the instant massive link growth. Plus it’s highly possible to link your website with other banned website leading to your Adsense account termination. With this tactic you gain nothing but trouble. Avoid it at all costs.

Doorways. This tactic is similar to cloaking pages technique. It is about a web page staffed with keywords redirecting to another user friendly webpage with no content with the aim to get high ranking and get better targeted keywords in adsense account. It used to work at first when search engines were not so advanced. Now it has become dangerous and offers no benefit at all.

Content duplication. Although it is tempting to have many websites with same content in order to increase the possibilities of higher ranking and thus maximizing Adsense clicks, do not fall in the trap. Search engines check constantly the domain’s IP and registry dates. In addition the algorithms they have designed scan all their indexes for duplicate content not just whole duplicate web pages, but also duplicate phrases in the text. Google has already hundreds of thousands phrases in their databases, for detecting duplicate phrases.

The outcome is that tricking Google has become extremely difficult. You can Not trick them. They have the best software engineers and enormous funds to invest in advanced technology. That means they have the advantage, and even if you succeed to trick them for a while it will not last because they have the resources to track the fraud sooner or later. If you want serious checks from Google Adsense, you should forget the above “techniques” and focus on ethical promotion strategies, which must incorporate unique content.

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