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There is no such thing as selling possessions for your life, only to discover that the client of your dreams is a member of the Bloods Undead. This movie is notable because it was an unauthorized adaptation of the book “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. Recently, improved versions of the original movie have been made available to the public. This movie introduced the concept of vampires severely damaged and / or destroyed by sunlight.


2 – The Amityville Terror (1979)

Perhaps the most extreme case of buyer’s remorse in a movie to date, “Amityville Horror” is based on Jay Anson’s novel of the same name. An all-American family buys a big house with a lot of space in a nice neighborhood for a low price and low … you know there must be something wrong with the picture. And there it is. Very bad. Fortunately for the viewer, the supernatural events that were claimed to be true in the book and movie were not reported by the family currently living in the house.

3. An evil spirit (1982)

The American Dream: Children, the car, the house … wait … the house has some problems. Bad wiring – the living room TV turns on by itself. Uneven – the coffee maker is constantly moving. Weed Problems – A tree outside trying to catch kids and throw them into a parallel dimension. And the house collapsing on you is always another indication that things are not quite as well. You might want to stop trying to sell this.

4 the lost boys (1987)

A film demonstrating the importance of the phrase “location, location, location”. When you are looking for a place to raise your teen, “the murder capital of the world” probably shouldn’t be your first consideration. That and all the damned vampires.

5. The Haunting (1963)

This is the 1963 version and not the tough 1999 version. You might consider this if you decide to visit a home with a dark past. A team of paranormal investigators found that the ancient mansion contained more sinister powers than mold, termites, and loss of justice.

6- The Tenant (1976)

Roman Polanski plays a man who fears that the landlord and neighbors will try to make him the former tenant so he kills himself, too. This movie is not a prime example of landlord-tenant relationships, but it does bring a good attraction to investing in rental properties.

7. The Uninvited (1944)

It is another case of buying a well-equipped home at a suspiciously low price. Of course, the new owner discovers that there are some supernatural squatters who are making life … difficult. As in, Make it hard to survive. As with many other old movies, watch this one rather than a remake.

8. Psychosis (1960)

Shocking bathing enthusiasts for nearly 50 years, Psycho is proud of the Bates House that overlooks the Bates Motel. It would be a better investment if its owner wasn’t directing his killer mother, but you can’t expect everything. The Royal House is still available for viewing by the Los Angeles Universal Studios turbos.

9- arachnophobia (1990)

A doctor drives his family away from the bad big city to end up fighting the big and bad spiders. It’s what you get when you find a cheap home in a safe neighborhood – something life threatening always shows up. A classic tale for those who aren’t convinced of the need to check for pests before buying: The large killer spiders can get you in South America.

It’s not a horror movie in and of itself, but it’s still an exceptionally violent movie that demonstrates that sleepy and wealthy neighboring cities with quaint heritage homes always have something wrong, like secret cults killing lost villagers. A great action movie that takes the cop companion genre and adds a swan or two.

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