NEBULISERS: Important Points Parents Must Know Before Using Nebulisers on Kids

What is a nebuliser?

A nebuliser is a device that facilitates intake of medication in asthmatic people including children. The medicine is usually in the form of an aerosol and has to be inhaled.

Asthma is a respiratory disorder involving narrowing and constriction of the bronchioles. This causes difficulty in breathing as oxygen supply to the body is reduced. An aerosol is a mixture of air and a solution i.e. medication. It acts on the bronchioles, relieves constriction and improves oxygen flow.

Need for nebulisation: Previously asthmatic patients were administered oral medications or injections. These took a longer time to be absorbed and provide relief. Only a very small amount of this reached the lungs as most part was absorbed by other tissues. This may also result in side effects. Medication in aerosol form when inhaled by a nebuliser provided much relief. The aerosol formed into bubbles and reached the bronchioles immediately.

Advantages of a nebuliser

• Medication reaches the target tissue in the prescribed dosage immediately.

• While using an aerosol only a very small fraction of the oral medication or injection is required for effective results.

• Using a nebuliser assures a faster and instant relief.

• There are little known side effects or toxic effects.

• Nebulisation can be used any number of times if the condition of the patient so demands and till complete relief is got.

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