Famous Advertising Slogans – How to Create an Effective Slogan to Dominate the Market

Famous advertising slogans have some key elements in common. If you want to brand your business and be visible, you are going to have to create an effective slogan or tagline. Many companies pay millions of dollars for an ad agency to come up with one for them, but a good tagline is one of the least expensive forms of marketing you can create. The benefits of eventual self-branding and increased sales are worth the effort. But how do you create an effective slogan?

3 common components in famous advertising slogans


  1. A perfect tagline is memorable. The most important component of creating a perfect slogan is in its ability to be memorable and recalled without help. If I said to someone “can you hear me now?” most people would immediately be familiar with it. If the slogan can stay in the mind of the consumer it has done the job.
  2. A perfect tagline conveys the fundamental benefit. Sell the benefit, not the features. Don’t just list the features of your product, show the customer what benefit they can expect from it. For example “Melts in your mouth not in your hands.” The clear benefit is that you have a candy (M&M’s) that you can hold in your hand with out all the melted chocolate mess.
  3. Taglines should set your brand apart from your competition. One key component in famous advertising slogans is their ability to set their brand apart from their competition. Your tagline should not be able to be substituted by anyone else. For example if you made a slogan with your name in it “we are the best, we are brand X” anyone could substitute their brand name in that tagline and it would still work. Instead build a tagline that that is very specific to you and what sets your product apart.


Famous Advertising slogans that work


  • “Where’s the beef?” Wendy’s made this slogan to capitalize on the controversial meat fillers the competition was using at that time. It set them apart as being an all beef product.
  • “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Fedex used this slogan to set itself apart as a company that was faster and more reliable than it’s competition.

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