How to Instantly Get Rid of Asthma and Stress – Man Made Asthma Part 2

In the first article on man made asthma we discussed how food alone is one of the leading attributes of asthma, there are several other factors and we will discuss them all in our series called man made asthma.

Today’s busy hectic lifestyle we now live means that most people are stressed way beyond what their bodies can cope with. Animals become stressed when they are either not fed or when fed the wrong food as well as being stressed by man and other animals that they live amongst. When you eat the wrong foods you will land up and end up being more stressed than a happy person who has a balanced nutritious diet and all this plays a very crucial role when it comes to dealing with asthma.

When animals and humans get stressed many symptoms occur, take for example koi (which are Japanese colored carp) when they are stressed they lose their coloring, when dogs or cats are stressed they can lose their fur, when birds are stressed they lose their feathers.

Man though is not 2d like most animals, we are a very complexed species who are to clever for our own good.

First of all – no one acts the same when they are stressed but one common sign that all stressed people have or show is that they tend to become mouth breathers, now this might not mean much right now but let me show you how part two of this article ties in with part one, this whole man made asthma article series is a giant jigsaw puzzle which cannot be fully comprehend until you completely understand each part of it and is one of the main reasons why doctors will never understand it (and this will be another title of my article series, the lies, hypocrisy of the medical establishment are the leading cause of asthma)

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