Interview With Dr. Ray Darvish Regarding The Use Of Pulse Oximeter Technology For Monitoring Health

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Ray Darvish, M.D. a foremost expert in general health, we have gained great insight into the importance of using pulse oximeter technology in order to monitor one’s health. This is an excerpt of the important points from that interview that we conducted with Dr. Ray Darvish, M.D.

Interviewer: Dr. Darvish how can individuals use a pulse oximeter to monitor their health?

Dr. Darvish: A pulse oximeter is a very important health device that can truly be a very important health monitoring aid for those that are suffering from a variety of medical and health conditions. One of the most common health conditions is in fact asthma. Those that have asthma need to keep a very close eye on their oxygen levels in order to ensure that their body is receiving enough of it and as such they do not get an asthma attack.

Interviewer: What are some of the most common health conditions that you recommend using this device for?

Dr. Darvish: Some of the most common are asthma, COPD, and heart arrhythmia. However, this is only a few of the thousands of different health conditions that would greatly benefit from using this device. The most important aspect of the product is the fact that it can be taken and used anywhere the patient desires to go. So if you are suffering from COPD and you desire to go on a vacation then you can rest assured that the device will go with you and provide you with complete health monitoring.

Interviewer: How often should one use the product?

Dr. Darvish: The actual number of times that the device should be used really depends on the specific health condition that the individual possesses. So for example, if you are suffering from hearth arrhythmia then it is a pretty good idea to monitor your pulse rate multiple times throughout the day in order to prevent any health complications that may occur. If used in sports or exercise then really you would use it when you are engaging in that activity.

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