New York’s Most Famous Serial Killer – David Berkowitz

The story of this famous serial killer has a bit of a personal twist.

It was late summer, 1976. As a twenty-one year old I was not really into or much aware of the news of the day outside of local news. I was planning a trip to visit a friend in New York City and a co-worker asked me if I would drive her to her parents condo in Queens. I agreed.

The three hour trip was fairly normal as we talked about work and other things. We finally got to the condo complex and I parked the car a little bit away from the main entrance. It was very dark and hot as it was about midnight on the 80 degree summer night.

As I was getting out the car, my co-worker took a woolen ski cap out of her purse and stuffed her long flowing brown hair up into the cap and firmly secured it on her head. I thought this rather funny and asked what she was doing. It was only then that I heard about the Son of Sam who was currently terrorizing that very neighborhood. I tried to act bravely as I walked her to her parents unit. Her father and mother told me more stories about the Son of Sam over the next hour. Now after 2am, I was totally paranoid walking, or should I say running, to my car. I’ll never forget that night. It was then that I started to read everything I could about the Son of Sam.

The Son of Sam murderer was born Richard David Falco in 1953. Soon after birth he was adopted by Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz and his name was forever changed to David Richard Berkowitz.

Berkowitz was an average student, joined the Army in 1971, was honorably discharged in 1974 and joined a cult that sacrificed German shepherds in 1975.

Berkowitz would spend the majority of 1976 and 1977 terrorizing New York with murdering six and wounding seven others during the course of eight shootings.

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