Useful Tips in Avoiding Asthma Especially in Young Children

If you are among those who that have troubling breathing during the winter, clean the air. Think about the millions of bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi being killed daily while an allergy air purifier is running. Our houses are so air tight that germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi just flourish in the cooking heat of winter. Throw in the sickness of family members that is not challenged by any fresh air, and then you have continual sickness. Asthmatics have a hard time in winter. Too many kids with asthma have such a rough time recovering from colds. The colds linger. Their lungs tighten and before you know it is a serious lung disease.

There are a few things that you can do to improve your odds. Use an allergy air purifier at least in the child’s bedroom. Use as many throughout the house as possible. Kill as much of the harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, and fungi in the air as you can. When we breathe or sneeze our diseases spray throughout the air unchallenged with nothing to defeat them. Yet, there is something to defeat them: allergy air purifiers kill 99.97% of all bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi in the air in a particular square footage. Allergy air purifiers use hepa filtration which captures 99.97% of biological contaminants in the air. You can’t buy one and expect it to clean everywhere. Allergy air purifiers clean a specific square footage using fans to suck in the air. The contaminants suck into the hepa filter.

Purchase allergy air purifiers and place throughout the house. Since the most common place to find mold is in the basement, run an allergy air purifiers along with a basement dehumidifier.

Allergy air purifiers have been around for some time. Yet doctors are really not in to preventative medicine to the extent necessary. If so, everyone would know to use air purifiers throughout the house to prevent not just asthma attacks, but also the flu, colds, viruses and so much more. If one does get sick, make it easier to recover by having fresh air.There is certainly surface contamination, avoid by not touching surfaces in a sick person’s room. Carefully clean surfaces. Cleaning the air helps the healthy stay healthy and the sick to recover faster.

The winter is a major time for colds, asthma attacks, respiratory viruses and infections, the flu and more. Asthmatics already have hard time breathing especially in the winter. It makes sense to clean the air and give them a better chance of staying healthy.. The likelihood of having an asthma attack in the winter is high especially with hot dry air. Getting a cold or the flu increases can increase asthma attacks.

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