What Countries Hold Famous Car Contests?

Car racing fans just love the adrenalin that rushes to their brain when hearing the incredible noise racing cars make on the circuit. This is probably what the first racers felt too when they participated in the first competition of this kind in France on the 28th of April 1887. This was possible because the first gasoline fueled cars were fast enough to race. However, the circuit was a very short one, of only 2 kilometers, so it couldn’t actually be considered a real contest in the history of car races.

Starting with the first pseudo competition, France has gained a privileged place in holding famous car contests. One of the most famous races is The 24 Hours of Le Mans. This contest is not only about the speed of the automobile and the skills of the driver. It is also an endurance race since it lasts a whole day. The first one took place in 1923 and ever since it has turned into a tradition that tested the ability of the companies who built the cars to adapt their techniques to the harsh requirements. Certain rules have changed over the years so that the contestants could race in a safe environment, but the main idea of racing for 24 hours was kept.

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