the weather conditions

Anyone who is going to be staying at a cabin rental in Pigeon Forge should watch for the weather in the area. Preparing one’s clothes for the weather conditions can help to make a trip to the area easier to handle. Here is a detailed look at what the Pigeon Forge climate is like.

The warmest times of the year in the area are between the months of April and October. Pigeon Forge can get to be at least seventy degrees in temperature during these months. They can easily get closer to ninety degrees in the middle part of the summer though.

The humidity in the area can be very difficult to handle during the middle part of the year. The Pigeon Forge climate is known for having humidity levels of at least fifty percent in most cases during the summer. This humidity can cause the heat in the area to become intense in its feel. It will be best for anyone to stay hydrated during the summer months in order to beat the heat.

The coldest temperatures will occur during the winter months. However, they will not be below freezing for most of the year. High temperatures can be in the fifties while the lows can be in the thirties.

An important part of the town climate comes from how often it rains. The town is one that has consistent precipitation levels throughout the entire year. Precipitation can come down at rates of three to five inches in a month in most cases. The area is far from the general zone where remnants of tropical systems can impact the area. It will still help to bring one’s rainwear out to a cabin in the area just in case the rains get to be very high.

Snowfalls are very light in Pigeon Forge during the winter season. This comes from how the area is protected by the mountains that it is near.


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