I Have A Secret

I’ve had this crazy secret goal for ten years. I consider it a secret, well up until now, because if I didn’t say it out loud, people wouldn’t know it or see me fail. Crazy because well, if you know me you know I hate to run. The goal? To run a marathon or 1/2 marathon before I turn 50 and now time is running out on me.

So last week I dusted off my couch to 5k app, you’ve got to start somewhere right? Found a future race I wanted to run in and then proceeded to spend the morning in front of the TV.

The reason I spent the morning on the couch was because I had so many things running through my head I was afraid to move off the couch, ironic I know since I just downloaded the COUCH to 5k app. These are just a few things making the rounds in my head. How was I going to train in Albany NY in the winter? What was I thinking? How would I run with my asthma, especially in the winter? Now the five people who read this article would witness me failing or succeeding if I’m looking at the glass half full. But the big thought running through my head was, am I capable of running 13.1 miles?

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