Everything You Want to Know About MSHA Certification Safety Training

MSHA safety training helps contractors and miners identifying and minimizing exposure to hazards found at mines. The top local MSHA certification safety training includes miner’s responsibilities and rights, materials handling safety, electrical safety, hazard communication, confined spaces, first aid, and emergency procedures. The safety training for mining is available in two parts: MSHA Part 48 underground miner training and MSHA Part 46 surface miner training. Working in mines attracts various health hazards, including landslides, explosions, cave-ins, and hazardous materials. Before working at a mine site, you must know the dangers and your rights as a miner. The most critical consideration, when involved in mining activities is safety.

The MSHA’s (Mine Safety and Health Administration) task is regulating and inspecting mine sites to ensure that miners have received training compliance with MSHA regulations. The training is essential for all new mining employees, including contractors and expert miners, who must complete an annual refresher course. The course is designed for both supervisors and workers to emphasize the identification of hazards and safe work practices for mechanical and manual handling and material storage, focusing on material disposal and forklifts.

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