British Columbia – Canada Gift Basket Ideas

The further west you travel in Canada, the closer you will come to British Columbia, which serves as the home for an assortment of natural and wildlife gems, art, recreation, and culture. Although the more known city of Vancouver can be found in British Columbia, it is Victoria that holds the honors as capital. In Canada, Vancouver is the third largest metropolitan region within the country. Depending where you reside, the area that British Columbia occupies offers easy access to the Pacific Ocean, Alaska, the Yukon, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

When looking to capture the essence of British Columbia and utilize the energy for a gift basket theme, you may scan the terrain of the province, which attracts a large amount of tourists who come to explore the outdoor activities and ecotourism. In fact, mountain climbing is a common activity that many travelers to the province enjoy. In fact, 75% of the land is mountainous; 60% of which is covered with lush, green forests.

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