Enjoy Your Trip To Europe With British Airways

The last time I traveled from Europe to Australia, I booked my flight with British Airways. I have been collecting my British air miles from quite a time and when I came to know about my trip to Australia I thought it was time to use them. Honestly speaking my decision was a good one. The business class seats of British Airways define luxury in every way. The good thing I like about British Airways is that even their coach seats are designed in a comfortable manner, so if the seats of coach class are enjoyable then one can imagine what the seats in business class are like.

Different Facilities For Different Luxury Levels

There are many options for travel classes when you fly with British Airlines using your air miles. If you are a regular coach flyer and you don’t have any problem with coach seats then the “euro traveler club” is best for you for the domestic flights within Europe, but if you travel internationally then “world class traveler” will be best for you. Additionally, if you are a frequent traveler of business class then you would prefer to use “Club Europe” for flights within Europe and “Club World” for long international flights.

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