In 1814 We Fought the British in New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina is hardly the first force to turn the City of New Orleans into a war zone. If you will recall in 1814 we met the British in New Orleans for a fight. We had sent in our army down the Mississippi River to New Orleans and the British had come up from the coast to challenge us. It started at noon as the British came into Chalmette town, 10-miles south of New Orleans on August 30, 1918. How coincidental indeed as Hurricane Katrina landed on August 29, 2005; one hundred and ninety-one years later. The weakened levee system broke the next day.

Although many have called this the forgotten war of 1812 which included the battle of New Orleans; the American people have certainly not forgotten who we are as we pick ourselves up with the will and determination which is deep in the sole of all of us. This battle changed American History forever and earned us the right to be independent. Hurricane Katrina also came in from the south and gave its best shot at New Orleans, it did not succeed the Levee System held, but was weakened. Likewise the British failed but had weakened us. We sent them running, they ran through the baffles, they ran through the bushes, they ran through the swamps, where even rabbits could not go. We chased them back to the Gulf of Mexico.

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