London’s British Museum

Established in 1753, with the collections of Sir Hans Sloane, the British Museum in London has a phenomenal seven million objects that would take a week to view. Located in Bloomsbury, central London, the museum originally opened to the public in 1759 at Montagu House and was later moved to its current site.

Until recently, this museum in London was exceptional because it incorporated both a national museum and national library in the same building. The British Library has now been relocated to Kings Cross.

The British Museum in London houses one of the most complete displays of art and artifacts in the world, covering prehistoric to modern times, across the continents. The Egyptian collection at London’s Museum is the second largest to the Cairo Museum including mummies, coffins, jewellery and most importantly the Rosetta Stone which was instrumental in deciphering hieroglyphics. Also one of the largest and best known collections is the Greek collection which contains the infamous ancient Elgin Collection from the Parthenon.

A programme of special exhibitions run throughout the year; Kingdom of Ife: Sculptures from West Africa, Treasures from Medieval New York and Italian Renaissance Drawings are currently exhibiting at this historical museum in London.

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