The Top Mens Suits: Italian or British, Who’s the Best?

British Mens Suits Vs. Italian Mens Suits

In the world of great tailoring there are only two places that have consistently produced the best tailors to even be considered in the discussion – The British or the Italians. Both are class of the world when it comes to their tailoring prowess and have a legitimate claim to the title of the best mens suits. With techniques that have been passed on for generations, their traditions and pedigree have ignited a sartorial war with a large number of fanatic followers the world over.

THE Best Suit

While most Europeans have access to ready made British and Italian mens suits, in the US Italy reigns supreme. In fact ask just about any average American who makes the finest suits and the answer will almost always be Italy. It may seem as if Italy is winning by a land slide but this is simply not the case. Most Americans have never even seen an English made suit and while brands such Kiton, Brioni, Isaia, Armani, Zegna etc… are readily available, English suit houses are nowhere to be seen in the US retail land scape. This is a clear cut case of what is popular is not always the best.

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