Will The Horsemeat Scandal Make British Foods Safer?

Years ago United Kingdom produced foods were among the safest and tastiest in the world, labels such as British Beef, Irish Pork, Welsh Lamb and Scottish Salmon were added with pride to many a restaurants menu or fresh produce sales counter as a sign of confidence that the goods on offer were beyond compare.

In those heady days when the discerning purchaser would dip slightly deeper into the pocket to ensure the products purchased were of the best, the chain of supply to demand was well resourced, effectively structured and robustly policed.

But the UK market steadily became infected by this modern disease called “Buy it Cheap!”

This supplier driven curse steadily changed the customer focus from “Quality” to “Thrift.”

Foods were no longer to be sold at the realistic cost of supply which allowed all stages of the farm to table chain a realistic margin of profit to allow the wheels of food commerce to keep rolling. Instead Supermarkets and suppliers drove into customers psyche the ethos that cheapest was best.

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