Article Marketing Traffic – Building A Better WordPress Blog

Are You Looking for Better Article Marketing Traffic?

I recommend that all my clients publish articles to their own websites as a primary source of web traffic. So that’s why it’s a great idea to build a search engine optimized WordPress blog. Using this type of blogging platform is truly one of the secrets to high article marketing traffic statistics. All the pros have one.

When I first started out on the web, my first site was an HTML based site. I built it page by page. Adding more content and growing it over a period of time. My site did well in the search engines, but that was years ago. Now the search engines look for different factors when considering what sites they deem are important and are worth crawling everyday — and what search engines seem to adore (especially Google) are blogs. That’s right. While they have been around now for years, they are still the favored platform by the search engines.

Why Does Google Love WordPress Blogs?

Blogs give a website publisher the ease of publishing fresh content for the search engine spiders to crawl on a regular basis, so it’s easier to publish more articles, more often. Also a WordPress blog gives you even more of an advantage because there are literally thousands of WordPress plugins (which are free) that can help you grow and promote your blog at a more rapid pace.

With a minimal amount of effort on your part, you can really get noticed with a blog, although your content still needs to be good:) Finally, it is simply easier for the search engines to crawl blogs and get deep into your site – meaning that they crawl every page instead of just a select few pages.

How Do I Get Started?

1. To truly take advantage of WordPress, you need to install it on your own domain vs. using the free, web-based publishing. Most web hosting companies have a way (ex. Fantastico) for you to install WordPress on your domain with a few simple clicks. Also free.

2. Write your blog articles and make sure they are at least 250 words (preferably 400+ words).

3. Optimize your articles. Make sure you are targeting specific keyword phrases. One per article.

4. Make sure to select WordPress plugins that will help streamline your article marketing traffic efforts and promote better seo.

5. Write and publish regularly. It is essential, especially when you first start your blog, to publish often (at least once a day for about two weeks) so that the search engines sit up and take notice. That’s when you begin to “train” the search engines to come back and visit your site regularly. If they don’t, your new articles won’t appear in search results.


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