From Your Blog Today With These 3 Powerful Blog Tips

e way to start seeing an increase in your blog earnings is to write a few articles and submit them to an article directory. How will submitting to article directories see an increase in your blog earnings here I hear you cry?! Well before I explain that the first thing you must do is to be able write good quality content that will captivate your reader’s interest. Once that has been achieved the next thing you must to do is to somehow attract them to your own blog.

The easiest way to do that is to use the Resource’s Box that is supplied through the article directories when you submit an article to them. The Resource Box is where all vital information about you is stored. This can be information such as your website address, a link to your own product or service, or even a link to an affiliate’s sales page. However if you are going to promote any product or service whether it be your own or somebody else’s then you MUST remember that it needs to relate to that article.

Don’t forget by writing good quality articles you are offering the reader something of value! By doing this they are more likely to click on your links to find out more.

2)      Writing For Your Own Blog
You can also write articles for your own blog posts. The only big difference between writing articles for article directories and for your own blog is that your blog does not have a Resources Box. So how do we make money for a blog article? Easy, you can still include links within your blog article to any type of product or service.

Another fantastic way to make money from a blog article is to use Google Adsense, but I shall talk more about that later on.

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