Integrate a Feature-Rich CRM and Keep Your Processes Streamlined

There was a time when physical presence was important to run and conduct a business. With neither the internet nor the cloud around to help, it was quite expensive for businesses to set up an infrastructure and start their day-to-day operations. Any possibility of running and managing a business from any part of the globe was not on the horizon which means, a heavy-duty investment was needed to get a business going in true sense. This was the time when the world was still a few years away from the boom yet new web technologies were making some buzz for sure.

All that changed in the early 90’s when the cloud became popular making it extremely easy for businesses to run and manage themselves without facing any limitations of either distance or geography. Since then, one after another Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools has entered the marketplace to simplify operations and benefit businesses. In a way, the industry has got a timely boost of the enterprise software to take a big stride forward. This is how it became extremely easy to automate and streamline processes and systems, and this is how the way of doing business was transformed forever. A lot has changed since then, a lot.

Now, we live at a time when a business does not have to bear those expensive setup costs and in fact, all maintenance costs too are gone now. Such is the benefit of using a CRM tool that employees can contribute from any device and be connected to the business from any part of the globe. All they need is just an internet connection. Businesses are now run on smartphones, tablets and laptops. From marketing to sales to customer servicing to forecasting, every aspect of the business can now be managed anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the innovation and advancements of the technology, a business can now manage all its customer interactions and store all information in a single place. A top CRM tool gives businesses the freedom of connecting to their customers in a new way and forge with them a lasting and fruitful relationship. From understanding customers’ needs better to serving them better, everything is just a tap away. From getting more leads to closing more¬† olutionhow.¬†deals, from projecting sales numbers to tracking marketing campaigns, a business can do all these even without having to invest beyond a bare minimum limit.

All this has become possible only because a top CRM tool is designed in a way to let businesses benefit from the combination of cloud, social and mobile and feel the difference of being in the new-age. In a way, managing and monitoring the business regardless of time and geography barriers has become easy and it has changed the industry forever. With so many radical changes to benefit from CRM tools, it’s important to know what is salesforce, and from where all this started. It’s also important to about


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