Las Vegas Helicopters: Hot Grand Canyon Tours During Labor Day Vacation

Work Day is coming quick, so don’t postpone on getting your arrangements all together. It will be the latest end of the week occasion of the late spring, and the climate is ideal for taking a helicopter visit over the Grand Canyon. Simply make certain to get your visit booked soon in light of the fact that they will top off quick over the occasion.

Vegas Canyon Tours

Vegas is nearest to the Canyon’s West Rim, and your visit helicopter can cover the 125 miles in around 45 minutes. The flight way to the Canyon goes directly over the monstrous Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, which is an astounding site from the air. The South Rim is farther away, so on the off chance that you need to visit it, you’ll need to remember a plane ride for your visit bundle that takes you from Vegas to Arizona where the helicopter visit starts. You can fly out to Tusayan, Arizona via plane in about 60 minutes.

Helicopter voyages through the West Rim are exceptionally famous considering you can pick an air-just visit or one that lands at the Canyon. The arrival visits are the best time since you can arrive on top of the edge for some investigation or you can make the exciting 3500 ft plummet and land on the lower part of the Canyon.

Base Landing Or Top Landing

The Champagne Picnic visit is one of the most loved picks with regards to visiting the Canyon, and this visit is one that flies down and arrives on the Canyon floor. You’ll appreciate a unique trip inside the Canyon and afterward your chopper sets down alongside the Colorado River. This visit accompanies a pleasant redesign alternative of a boat ride along the waterway, which allows you to encounter the Canyon in an interesting manner. For additional fervor, you can likewise visit the highest point of the edge and go for a stroll on the Skywalk.

The Skywalk is something you would prefer not to miss since it is an enormous straightforward survey stage that offers the most fabulous view in the Canyon. It is suspended 4000 feet over the floor of the Canyon, and it stands out 70 feet past the edge. It’s a remarkable and exciting experience you will not discover somewhere else.

Picking A Deluxe Tour

There are two choices for these helicopter visits, the fundamental and the special. The two sorts of visits merit the experience, however the luxurious visits accompany some VIP advantages.

For a certain something, the essential visits take off from Boulder City outside of Vegas, also, they fly on Bell Ranger helicopters. To get to Boulder City, you’ll ride on a van transport, which will require around 30 minutes.

By examination, the fancy visits fly on fresher EcoStar 130 helicopters. These are greatly improved for touring than the Bell Rangers. They have much more space in the lodge, and this permits the seats to be stunned, so nobody has an awful view. The best thing about the EcoStar is the tremendous survey window that gives you all encompassing perspectives on the astonishing landscape beneath you. Besides, the exclusive visits are more advantageous since they leave from The Vegas Strip, and you’ll even be shipped to and from the helipad in a limousine.

Purchase Your Tour In Advance

Keep in mind, these visits sell out rapidly. These helicopter visits are mainstream and they will be significantly more so over the bustling Labor Day occasion. To ensure you get seats on the visit you need, you should book your visit now.

Simply utilize your charge card to purchase your visit on the web and your seats are held right away. As an additional advantage, purchasing your visit online allows you to utilize the low Internet rate. It’s conceivable you can set aside to 30 percent off the retail cost of the visit when you utilize the online rate.

Have A Labor Day You’ll Never Forget

On the off chance that you’ll be remaining in a Vegas lodging, a visit through the West Rim is an ideal decision since it is close and advantageous. Likewise, the West Rim is the lone piece of the Canyon where landing visits are allowed. You can arrive on top of the edge, the lower part of the Canyon, or you can do both. Regardless of whether you pick a fundamental or choice visit, your day will be loaded up with astounding sights from the air and fun undertakings on the ground at one of American’s #1 National Parks.

Master writer Keith Kravitz is an enormous devotee of Grand Canyon helicopters and suggests perusers start here for a rundown of the ones that leave day by day from Las Vegas:

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