25 Tiny Gifts – Ideas for a Stocking, Surprise Jar, Surprise Ball or Advent Calendar

I love finding many tiny surprises in a gift, and it would be lovely to be able to give a gift like this to someone. The problem is finding enough small and interesting items. Of course, one could fill the whole calendar, stocking or surprise gift with small, edible items, like candy, chocolate or chewing gum, but that’s not as much fun as finding something different from your gift.

I also love giving gifts, so I have been thinking about what I could put in gifts like this. I decided to share a generic list of items that are good for anyone. Choose something from all of the groups, several items from a few groups or all items from one group. Just choose the style and colors according to the receiver.

Key rings

Even though one gets key rings as ads from all sources, there seems to be always need for some more. It isn’t unusual that even children are carrying keys today.

Brooches, pins and buttons

My 18 years old niece collects buttons and pins and her back bag is filled with them. A brooch doesn’t need to be flowery and girly.


I love fridge magnets and buy these as souvenirs and mementos. Magnets are nice for a magnetic memo board too.


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