Everything starts with a decision

. Decide (and don’t look back)

Everything starts with a decision (period). Commit yourself to a management system for your emails that really works for you and stops your email overwhelm. Slay that ugly monster! Take control, Get Focused, Be Free. Ask yourself what am I willing to do toslay the Monster in my email box?

2. Create More Than One Email Account– for…Campaigns, subscriptions and your tele-class op-ins. Everything has it’s own email box. That way is stays tame (You can set up multiple gmail accounts to handle this)… Use your personal account for friends and your business account for your high-end clients and business deals. Get a service@ (your website).com and info@(your website).com for inquirers and customer service and that way you can give it to your VA(virtual assistant) or personal assistant to handle for you ASAP.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Unsubscribe– to emails subscriptions you no longer find helpful. Set aside 10 minutes a day (set a timer) to go through all your emails and unsubscribe. Create a Swipe File folder in your email program where you can save samples of other people’s email campaigns that you really like or know are effective. Set aside once a month to clean out that file to save or not to save-make a decision!

4. Commit To Looking At Emails (only) At A Specific Time– In the morning, noontime or in the afternoon set a time to look at your emails and respond to them…Note never first thing in the morning! (or before you kiss your significant other). The only exception to this is if you are on deadline with a client, otherwise it can wait. My suggestion is not to look at your emails before 10:00 in the morning. That way you can use the first hour or two of work for client calls or writing your marketing materials. As soon as you open your email box, which is an highly organized list of other peoples agendas, you feel compelled to look. We just have to look. Best turn off the instant notification on the email so it is not saying “You Have Mail”.

5. Create An “I Love This” Folder– Where you save interesting emails that will take some time to review (lots of time equals more than 2 minutes!!)…they usually have audio or video attached. Things you feel you simply must know. Schedule (notice a theme here) one day a week to review everything. It’s something I usually do on a Friday or Sunday night. Pick a time that best works for you and do it as a ritual. Woohoo make it fun!

6. Set A Time For Business Development– Research and Review email folders that have things in them you saved. Explore ideas or put into your Educational Folder Aka I Love This Folder. Most importantly stick to your schedule, routine builds masterful habits. If you want to look at them at twelve o’clock at night then look at them at twelve o’clock at night (but you should be in bed getting your beauty sleep). Think what is sustainable for you.

7. Be Short But Sweet (like email Tweets)— When responding to emails keep it simple sweet heart. Short and to the point, brief yet thorough–Less is More.

8. File It!–Set up folders either in Outlook or where you store past emails….ie. Team or VA, News, meetings, Monthly, Correspondence etc. Break it down–File it Danno! (Dragnet). Makes is so easy to find.

9. Tract It– Track your to dos. When you get an email that requires action place it on a master action list. Or put it on your calendar with an alarm and put it in the proper folder.


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