Avoid Creating Promotional Products

We have all been there, you attend a big event and leave with a bag full of promotional products you simply do not care about. When you are a business owner, you know how much time and money can go into these types of items. Unfortunately, many tend to purchase those that are seen a little too often; such as, pens, shirts, pencils, etc. When giving these types of free items to customers or potential customers, they can be overlooked or used without any notice of the actual company who gave them away.

When choosing promotional products, it pays off to be creative. You can actually spend more on the items and have a bigger impact. For example, a t-shirt can be one of the most expensive products to customize and buy, but it is also one that many companies tend to go for. The popularity of these items makes them have far less of an impact on your customers than something more unique, but much cheaper can have.

One item that tends to be popular amongst consumers is free lanyards. These items are something that many use but few actually purchase for themselves. By offering them to customers or future customers at events, you can fulfill a need they may have and get your company name across. Of course, even with this style of product, you want to find something that is a good quality but fits your company’s budget.

Another factor to consider is the design of the lanyard itself. It is not always the best choice to put your company’s logo on the item you choose to giveaway. For example, if you have specific loyal customers that you want to honor, you may want to put their name on the product. Of course, this can be more time consuming and will require you to create a larger variety of products, but it can be much more impactful.

You can also make the strap of the product a simple color or even one of your company colors without putting a large logo on it. Many who offer lanyards to customers or as a free gift at events also give away clear sleeves that attach to the clip of the piece. You can simply place a card with your company name inside of this sleeve for representation. The customer still knows exactly where the product came from but can use it more easily in their everyday life.

By offering these types of items that are not only useful and impressive, you are changing the dynamic between you and your customers. If someone enters your storefront and is rewarded with a free item, it makes them more likely to make a purchase. It also is a great way to make a good first impression with potential customers. It is hard to forget a company that gave you a cool free item just for visiting their store or at an event.

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