Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Jewelry Boxes and More

You can find numerous lists of the traditional and modern anniversary gift associations, like paper for the first and leather for the ninth. With that in mind, be creative. Instead of stationery, maybe give the couple a gift certificate for a restaurant. Leather could be a leather jacket, but it could also be a leather jewelry box for your wife.

Gifts for Lovers of the Outdoors

Consider the recipient’s interests. Does your wife enjoy horseback riding? Give her a new pair of riding boots. If the couple enjoys hiking, give them a local hiking guide, gourmet trail mix, and an afternoon of babysitting so they can spend the day alone.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Romance is always key for wedding anniversary gifts. If you’re giving a dinner gift certificate, the restaurant you choose should either be a favorite of the couple’s or one that is known for romance. If you’re planning a weekend getaway, bring your spouse a small gift that you can hide until just the right moment.

Complete the Anniversary Gift with a Romantic Presentation

Now that you’ve come up with the perfect wedding anniversary gift, think about how you’ll wrap it. While a blue box from Tiffany is sufficient packaging for some occasions, you may want to be creative. Instead of presenting her a diamond necklace in a plain velvet gift box, why not display it in a gorgeous wooden jewelry box? She’ll love the jewelry box, but she’ll be overcome when she sees what you’ve hidden inside.

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