How to Stand Out With Your 20×20 Trade Show Booth Rental

Promote Creatively to Drive Excitement and People to Your 20×20 Rental Booth

Trade show exhibit rentals will be a success for your business if you drive excited people to your booth, and the best way to get people to pay you a visit is by promoting creatively. At trade shows, it’s a simple reality that there will be hundreds of booths competing for the same sets of eyeballs, and you want each of those eyeballs stopping at your booth in a meaningful way. To do this, start by thinking of what you can provide that’s valuable. Contests, promotional events, unique special offers and more can all be used to generate interest. If you want to go the contest route, make sure you have a quality sound system or some other way to draw immediate attention to the contest throughout the trade show’s duration.

Also, engage social media users at the trade show with the value of location-based services. By advertising your booth and where you will be on social media, you can drum up excitement and even get some visitors that came to the show specifically to check out your booth.

Feel free to also get creative with the size of the booth, perhaps opting for a double decker booth that will draw crowds by simple virtue of the fact that your booth is impossible to ignore. If you can tie the extra large design into a theme pertaining to your business, all the better.

Utilize Lighting for a Subtler Way of Turning Heads

While the previous suggestions were overt, a subtler way of turning heads involves utilizing quality lighting. Whatever you are advertising at your booth can be highlighted and accentuated with clever spotlighting that will keep your products and displays at the center of attention.

Also, choosing striking colors such as red and green can draw eyes to your booth in attractive ways when combined with the right lighting. While visitors to your booth may not be conscious of the fact that good lighting drew them to your booth, you will have more visitors to your booth all the same. Take advantage and get them excited about your products and brand.


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