You wanna know how I got these scars Heath Ledger’s Joker asks in The Dark Knight

You wanna know how I got these scars Heath Ledger’s Joker asks in The Dark Knight. It’s a non-genuine request the Clown Prince of joker123 Crime explains twice in the film, followed by two out and out various stories – one including his alcoholic father, the other concerning his ex and an expendable shaper.

These records are the ideal depiction of the character’s dubiousness, as created by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan. One story could be legitimate, the other false. Or then again both of them might be legitimate; the Joker’s scars may have gotten anyway merciless as they appear to be an immediate aftereffect of these two separate scenes. Or then again maybe nor is substantial; it’s all fundamental for the joke craftsman’s subtle persona.


in this novel story.”10 The Joker’s character in Arkham Asylum is persuading so much that one expert, Impulse Gamer’s Edwin Millheim, began his overview in

the Joker’s voice:

Joker here, so the lovely people at Impulse Gamer are assessing my game. With a

not so remarkable guest star, my old amigo Bats …. It even permits you to know what

it looks like to be the bat. Why anyone would have to is past me …. regardless, it is a fun occasions

game … besides, I know fun!”

Notwithstanding the way that Millheim impersonates the Joker’s language, anyway he obviously implies

it as “my game,” and says, “I know fun!” Dickenson gives perhaps the most

precise comment on the Joker’s work: “the game transforms into a comprehension into the

association between the Joker and the Batman, with Joker depicting Batman’s advancements about the island, playing with him as he goes.”12

The Joker’s record control shapes the foundation of Arkham Asylum, just

as the “relationship” among Batman and the Joker has usually formed

their characters, as Chris Kohler sees: “Making you feel like the Joker is

consistently plotting your destruction in some definite catch … that is what being

the Dark Knight feels like.”13 Kohler continues, to clarify how, in Arkham

Shelter, the Joker fills a comparative requirement for the player: “The game’s named


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